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Pudding The Bunny

Pudding is a sweet young bunny who loves to make friends and be hyper!She loves to seek for any kind of adventures, often going into trouble however!She has a very strong bond with her sister Vanilla, even if at times she annoys her.Fun fact: Pudding loves to take random funny photos and spam them to her friends!

Vanilla The Bunny

Vanilla is Pudding's older sister, she's an extremely shy bunny who has a great passion for science and technology.She is considered as a braniac, despite her young age she was able to build some tiny robots on her own!Vanilla is always on the lookout to protect her sister Pudding from trouble, she can get annoyed at her but she loves her deeply.Fun Fact: her passion for science and technology was born from a cartoon she was obsessed over when she was even younger!

Lana The Sheep

Lana is Pudding and Vanilla's close school friend.Lana is also a bookworm, she spends most of the time in a massive library by herself, that's when she can have her own escape into her own little world.Due to her spiral eyes, Lana tends to be bullied at school, this caused her to be anxious and self aware of her own eyes, she often gets protected by Pudding and Vanilla.Fun Fact: she tends to quote books quite often, but if she gets too much attention she tends to be sheepish.

Roxanne The Tiger

Roxanne is the main head of the bullies at her local school, she is Pudding and Vanilla's main antagonist, kinda.Roxanne's main target is Lana when bullying. But often gets stopped by the two sisters Pudding and Vanilla.Despite her toughness and all, she often tends to feel really lonely and sad when she is by herself, no one wants to hang out with her and she doesn't know how to improve this.Fun fact: she adores sweet and romantic scenarios despite her look. Secretly, she wants to be friends with Pudding, Vanilla, and even Lana!